Cosmo Green S.A. produces dried herbs, aromatic plants and fruit, herb and aromatic plants’ extracts and cereal bars and it also packages nuts, located in its state-of-the-art premises in Karditsomagoula, Karditsa.
We have created a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2015 which concerns the design and production of dried herbs, aromatic plants and fruit, herb and aromatic plants’ extracts and cereal bars and the packaging of nuts, as well as their delivery. Through the implementation of the Quality Management System we aim to achieve certain quality and developing aims, such as:
• The attainment of long-lasting cooperation with suppliers who fulfil the criteria imposed by legislation as well as our company. A steady cooperation guarantees security and safety in our transactions and aims to create products that cover a wide range of demands and needs in a stated time.
• The attainment of a satisfying level of productivity capacity, which can adapt to the quality and quantity demands of our customers. Our state of the art equipment plays an important role towards the realization of this step, for which maximum potential capacity is needed.
• The existence of our products to bigger parts of the market in national as well as international level and the constant improvement of our financials in order to ensure our company’s steady financial profile and our employees feel of safety working with us.
• Lastly, our main concern for everyone who works in CosmoGreen SA is to maintain and increase our customers’ satisfaction level with our products and please them as far as our cooperation is concerned.
Working towards the realization of our goals, we ensure that the methods used are constantly improved by investing on the latest equipment and by working closely and effectively with our experienced personnel, so as to produce products that fulfil our customers’ expectations in competitive prices.
Having a strong sense of responsibility towards the local and international food market and by aiming to produce healthy and safe products our company has developed and implemented a Hazard analysis and critical control point HACCP according to ISO 22000:2005. The detection and surveillance of the crucial control points are related to the same implementation level as the Quality Management System while the general demands for the hygiene of the place, the personnel and the premises concern the whole of our factory. The responsibility for the implementation of the methodology concerning the recognition, assessment and control of the dangers that are related to the safety of the of the above foods belongs to the group of HACCP, which, having taken into consideration the new scientific facts is bound to satisfy the demands of the law and the authorities in charge, as well as its clients.
The quality of our products in conjunction with their reasonable pricing gives us the chance to spread quickly not only throughout the country but also abroad. This way, the company has decided to implement and realize a system that satisfies the demands of the British Retail Consortium (BRC v.7) as well as the German International Food Standard (IFS v. 6)
Since the company now designs and produces innovative and pioneering products, in an effort to maintain its successful place in the market, it is constantly being supervised not only by control mechanisms but also by its clients, and as a result we are no longer available to provide information related to the company’s know how (technological issues and production details).
The management has set a representative as coordinator of HACCP/ Quality Management Manager and BRC and IFS accountable, who in close cooperation with the HACCP team and the people in charge of all the individual sectors control the application of the present policy and the daily implementation and surveillance of the Quality Control System and Hazard analysis and critical control point. In cooperation with the HACCP coordinator, the HACCP group manages issues of concern and defines possible problems while they also suggest and make any corrective movements. In case a problem cannot be solved, the General Manager of the company is notified in order for the matter to be arranged.
The company trains all its staff in the above issues thoroughly by giving everyone the necessary skills to pursue and apply the specifications of the present system.
Moreover, the company takes into consideration all the effects on the environment its activities have and act according to the environmental legislation imposed.
The company also respects labor legislation and follows a series of legislative rules that set the rights and obligations of employees and employers. It does not make any discriminations and respects each person’s individuality in any given sector.
The management of CosmoGreen S.A. promises to aid any notable and implementable suggestion which aims to improve the present system. Our company’s policy will be under control every year in order to be closely bounded with our clients’ demands.

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