In Cosmo Green we produce dried Goji Berry fruit and provide them in a variety of packaging sizes.

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Goji, Goji berry, or wolfberry is the fruit of lyceum barbarum and lyceum chinense, two closely related species of Lycium in the family of strychnidae or Solanaceae. They are indigenous of southeast Europe and Asia.

Goji Berry are deciduous, woody, perennial plants that can reach a height of 1-3m.


It is believed that Goji Berry contains 500 times more Vitamin C than oranges and more Carotene B than carrots. It is also known for its hydrating, protective rejuvenating, and detoxifying qualities.
1. It has anti-oxidant qualities: it can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals which also contribute to a wide range of illnesses (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson etc.). Goji Berries have the largest concentration in anti-oxidants (25.300 ORAC), while they also contribute to the boosting of the immune system.
2. It has anti-cancer qualities and it can tone the immune system because of the polysaccharides glycoconjugate, while it can also help with the negative effects of chemotherapy or the therapy with radiation against cancer. It also contains germanium, which has anti-cancer qualities.
It contributes to longevity: it is a good source of potassium which is vital to longevity.
3. It increases libido: it helps increase the production of testosterone, which is connected to the sexual drive. In Asia, Goji is considered to be a powerful sexual toner.
It improves eyesight: it contains two important ingredients that contribute to a healthy eyesight: lutein and zeaxanthin.
4. It keeps cholesterol and blood pressure levels to normal levels: it fights against the two basic factors that can cause heart attacks: oxidized cholesterol and increased blood pressure.
5. It helps control high levels of blood sugar: it decreases the oxidization that is caused by high levels of glycose in the blood and the peroxidation of lipids. It also decreases cholesterol and triglyceride levels by improving resistance to insulin.
6. It helps digestion: it is ideal for stomach ulcer and the irritable bowel syndrome as well as for constipation.
7. It rejuvenates the skin: it contains oily acids, Vitamin C and contributes to the production of collagen by rejuvenating the skin.
8. It improves the quality of sleep: it is a source of thiamin, which enhances the mood, relieves from depression, and increases energy levels, but also of magnesium which improves the quality of sleep.
9. It contains polysaccharides which regulate the function of the pituitary gland and the production of a hormone that delays aging.
10. It alleviates symptoms of nausea that pregnant people might be feeling, boosts metabolism and the immune system.

Goji Berry produce fruit that look like berries in an orange-red color and ellipsoid shape of 1-2cm which are soft.

In Greece, Goji Berry is a relatively new choice of cultivation for farmers.

The fruit of Goji Berry can be consumed raw, dried or in the form of a juice. Goji Berry can almost never be found fresh, apart from areas where they are originally cultivated, and they are usually sold in open boxes in small packaging and in dry form.

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